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How to carry out Biocuantica

Metabolic processes in men already exist and have been completely studied by Scientifics in medicine, but we know that some of those processes are still considered as of mysteries. Life is the same; Biocuantica is now showing different concepts which will create more alternatives to be considered and some of those will cause controversy.


How can I get a Cuantica´s life or Biocuantica?

Food is essential but problem is we do not know how to get it….

To have my health in best condition I may do some exercise. Doing it everyday, my body will change due the releasing of endorphins but, what about if I do have endorphins and my body is still sick?

Since the early populations of the world, men used to be fed healthy compared in our days with chemicals used to process meals.

So this means that processed food are responsible of our poor feed? …reality shows that this is a wrong assumption.

First of all we need to understand what a good food should be. In our days, Nutritionists are responsible to let us know how to select feedings, quality recommended and the most important, quantities based upon the complexion.

Always a but….if I have eaten something which make me feel worse, it means that what I have eaten is not that good? …or it is just that I am very sick?

Getting plenty in life should be the goal but health diminished, by one hand due of my immunology system deficiencies and by the other hand because bad feeding habits since early days.

How can I get my immunology system work the best it can?

Is the immunology system can or cannot be controlled by myself and even better can or cannot be shown healthy?

Complexity exist in our life and it is hard for me to decide if I am healthy or not, Biocuantica will give the necessary to have that control needed to get the best in class of health, promoting more energy and good habits to have you and your family happiest as of days coming, I warranty it.

During nights, metabolic processes in our body occur, chemicals stored as toxics and toxoids are been processed to be released out of our body in the following morning through the first urine and evacuation, this is normal and we can say we are healthy.

Biocuantica, as “tool” to support good health and sickness release is what man have looked for several years to solve problems of all nature, physics, emotional and mental.

Everything is upon the serenity of a thought, when this occurs something happen in the brain. Men are always studying it with the goal to spread it, but when they do not understand it, they decide to share it with colleagues using a methodology quite known as Scientific Method. Using it they can either confirm if the event is or is not true. But what happen if this is something new for the entire world?, they immediately reject it instead of apply the same methodology, complexity is that with Biocuantica there is no worldwide library which shows some background, I am in the process of doing it!

The Cuantica´s life depends of one of the simplest characteristics of the human being, observation. With knowledge giving by observation, men can do everything and understand his environment. When man apply the scientific methodology and if he observes correctly what he is trying to prove, then he will be able to convert it in several responses depending upon what was observed, but, have you asked yourself if something is not observed correctly, the result have varied? …of course the answer is yes, but was not observed!

Then this scientific methodology has opportunity to be improved.


Basics, why men cannot decide by knowledge instead of instincts?

Since the very beginning of the creation, man can think clearly, difference at these recent years is that background is enormous and now man can decide with more elements or knowledge. At the very beginning of the creation might have instincts to conduct people and based on this is easy to answer why.

The problematic of our times is that there are some men using instincts instead of knowledge, why?

The brain structures are complex as I mention previously, but what happen if a thought is not clear enough to be put in practice? …does it mean that these structures are contaminated? …the answer is yes.

What happen with decisions? …are they wrong? …answer is yes again.

The brain is able to keep homeostasis if and only if LYMPH is cleaned and nourished. To have the man healthy means that lymph is not contaminated. Then, what is the source of contamination? Many factors are considered but the most important is food.

….finally, is our environment willing to keep clean? …never have happened and always have kept the same ….always.