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Biocuantica Services

Service given by Biocuantica is easy to keep and easier to develop during the therapy, follow the description below:


  • Patient is lying down comfortable in a massage table and comfortably dressed to receive the therapy.
  • Mandatory to use tennis shoes.
  • Mechanic of the therapy is easy to see it, therapist is handling heels, heels are placed off the table edge next to the therapist and he (she) is moving heels from side to side rhythmically, intention is to have the brain relaxed.
  • Therapy structure is done by Biocuantica´s pairs (body is "made" in pairs). Parts of the body are connected throughout the lymphatic system (lymph is magnetic). Time taken vary between 3 to 10 minutes from start to end the therapy.
  • Placing the magnets is the most important step for the patient, he (she) should stay in calm if therapy was done correctly, if not, should start again as many times as need it.
  • During the elapse time of this therapy, brain will configure all substances to be used all over the body with the intention of regenerate diverse structures damaged by micro organisms during the life, (for infants apply the same but the damages are biochemical substances only, there might be some exceptions)


Type of services

  • Courses and conferences are the most important topic of Biocuantica.
  • Therapies at the office are important to get results immediately but could also develop distant therapies with the same result as in office. Distances are not relevant, Biocuantica permits it to anyplace in the world.
  • New students have availability to do the therapy such as the creator does it since the very first time he (she) starts Module 1 with same results, but without details given to patients. Preparation of a therapist takes one year from Module 1 to Module 4, different aspects are given and results are better as growing in preparation of this technique.
  • In order to certify students, Biocuantica has been submitted to local regulations and soon will have students doing the therapy worldwide.


Who is intended this therapy?

  • People to want a better world, healthy and diversified with opportunities to everybody to be cured.
  • Therapy is intended for all human being and it is not limited to them. All substrate in this world can receive the therapy and does not matter if it is vegetable or animal.
  • Is also intended to God who gives you all you have to live.


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