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Events of all nature are large and must of the times changing the world´s life.... is this the reason to derogate entire responsibility to the world? ......answer is not.
From my web site you will be guided to understand the content shown here with the understanding that what it is provided will be completely new for your life and even more for the entirely world and at the end of the day, if you are strong enough in your thoughts, you will be able to analyze what is shown here having in mind that this would be true for health in general. You will notice that professionals will not accept this context but they later will think as might be. To carry out such a huge task, as leader and creator of BIOCUANTICA ENERGETICA APLICADA and its technique PAR BIOCUANTICO, I have decided to share worldwide my recent discoveries and even more to put them as best practices.

Par BiocuánticoJavier Cantu, founder and instructor of Par Biocuántico and Biocuántica Energética Aplicada, was born in 1960; his integral values were given at his natural living house and took him to grow thanks to his parents. He succeeded at school because of his courage and life values which took him to get the title of Electronics and Communications of the UANL in México getting his title of Engineer and continuing studying up to date. He raised proficiency level of the English language, written and spoken during his participation at industries worldwide recognized to end his working life as General Manager for a private company in northern Mexico. His title could not be recognized as Master of Science since he did not applied to be certified but ended the preparation for such a great event. Actually, he has participated in several courses related to science and was also prompt to develop his own technique scientifically proven with a large amount of therapies given since 1998, date related to the born of BIOCUANTICA. He also has participated in different conferences and seminars and the most important, he is teaching his technique yet since last August in Mexico.

Lupita Cantu, as support of BIOCUANTICA, she is running the most important part of the Institution, Resources Administrator.
She is Javier´s wife and both are engaged with people to give everybody opportunities to test this technique being submitted to a therapy. She is coordinating Javier´s agenda and determines sequences of patients during days. She also coordinates courses in house and outside of the country.


As part of her duties, she also helps people to grow in different aspects of life; all related with health. Distributes marketing information and also helps to spread the therapy.

Lupita is establishing coordination of courses with institutions with the advantage of getting the best practices given to students. She also links between PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS with purpose of getting the end of the ill as well.

Content of therapy is being analyzed with Educational Institutes to expand it.

Brand name is in process to be registered.


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